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About Unicasa

Unicasa & Home is an interesting investment option for real estate professionals, who from only € 3,000 can obtain their own license. Created in 1989 Unicasa & Home has always distinguished itself by providing a professional and highly specialized real estate service, deserving of market confidence. Unicasa & Home works with the best technological and training tools, ensuring from the beginning that commercial teams guarantee credibility to customers, which translates into greater ease for closing operations.

By definition, the reason to be of any company is to grow and produce efficiently. In the real estate sector Unicasa & Home has reached that goal that others still strive to achieve.

With each Unicasa & Home license you will have a contractually guaranteed zone of exclusivity for the development of your business.

From Unicasa & Home training is the key and is committed to new technologies and makes available to affiliates a powerful platform for real estate, commercial and financial training, at the level of consultants and office managers in order to achieve success from day one.